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Meeting David Raccuglia

American Crew Founder David Raccuglia visiting Porters Barbers Dulwich Village. From Left to Right; Roger Vallve (Marketing Manager Revlon UK & IRL), Lisa Jackson (General Manager UK & IRL), David Raccuglia (Founder American Crew), Bora Esen (Founder & Director Porters Barbers) & TubaRead More

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Here at Porters Barbers we were very grateful for American Crew to invite us to their Americana Campaign Launch inside John Lewis’ Flagship store on London’s busiest shopping street, Oxford Street.   Wednesday 7th June we was inside cutting back to back customersRead More

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BARBER CONNECT 2017. Well where do we start…. the biggest thank you to Barber Blades & Clubman Pinaud for making this all happen. A great couple of days seeing the Barbering scene first hand and the huge talent pool the U.K is building.Read More

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