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Inside a Bachelor’s Bathroom Cabinet:

It’s no secret that we love products at Porters Barbers, so we have taken the liberty to look through some batchelor’s bathroom cabinets-  all in the name of research ofcourse and heres what we’ve found: 1. Marvis tooth paste 2. Phillips ear andRead More

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World Cycle Revival

We are pleased to announce that we at Porters will be providing our services at the World Cycle Revival at the Local and very famous Herne Hill velodrome.   A THREE DAY VINTAGE SPECTACULAR AT HISTORIC HERNE HILL VELODROME. The World Cycling RevivalRead More

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Experts Answer Male Grooming’s Most Embarrasing Questions….

Spots, Sweat & Back Hair: Experts Answer Your Most Embarrassing Male Grooming Questions Male grooming may seem as though it’s been around forever but in reality, anything more advanced than brushing teeth or occasionally nipping down the barber’s for a five quid shortRead More

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