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American Crew /// New Releases

October 25, 2017

American Crew have released 5 new products over the last couple of months, with Porters helping build a product testimonial for the new Fiber Cream

Fiber Cream – 

Fibrous cream with medium hold and natural shine. A styling cream that combines flexibility with control, gives your hair refined texture and a natural shine finish.

When working on the product testimonial we found it works extremely well with medium to longer lengths of hair, the bang on trend flowing locks that American Crew Forecasted last year.

Firm Hold Styling Cream – 

Pliable hold with flexible definition and low shine with a moisturising formula that tames hair and adds style with low shine and a flexible finish. Washes out very easily without leaving any residue behind and is great for most hair types and lengths.

Tech Series Boost Spray – 

The American Crew TECH SERIES Boost Spray is determined to bring you the admirable volume that you want but without any signs of stickiness, clump or visible tell-tale residue. Bringing you gravity defying boost, contemporary styles are easily within your reach without any feeling of heaviness or drag down. Feel free to let your express your personality with results that are easily achievable.

Looking to increase the weight, texture and versatility of finer hair? The boost spray gives your hair just enough oomph to let you style as you choose.

Tech Series Texture Foam –

American Crew TECH SERIES Texture Foam enables you to get to grip with grip, making styling your hair as you choose a breeze. Bringing you long-lasting hold and the confidence that the style you want will stay put even throughout the busiest of days and nights, this lightweight foam packs a real texturising punch.

Adding volume and increasing thickness yet with no sign of product build-up, residue or drag down, the look of your hair is volumised and your styles noticeably enhanced.

Got hard to manage longer hair? American Crew TECH SERIES Texture Foam keeps your style alive and increases the time you can go between washes without any compromise on the healthy look of your hair.

Tech Series Control Foam –

The American Crew TECH SERIES Control Foam brings you the versatility of being able to style your hair as you choose, so letting your hair personality shine through. Long-lasting and with a strong hold that means that your look stays put throughout even the busiest of days, feel free to quiff and defy gravity, knowing that your hair can take it.

Designed to be results driven on even the hardest to style hair types, great looking hair is within your grasp without hours of being a slave to the mirror.

Want shine? The American Crew TECH SERIES Control Foam gives your hair a natural looking gloss that exudes health without that faux shine spray look.

All 5 of the new products are sold in our 4 Porters stores!

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