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Hiding a hangover

February 14, 2019

Now that Dry Jan is done with we have to go back to dealing with hangovers. At Porters Barbers we have come up with the best grooming tips to cover up the evidence of a heavy night out so you can turn up the next day looking fresh…even if you still feel rotten inside.

Firstly we need to prep the skin and get rid of any impurities and the best way to do so is by starting with a scrub –  scrubbing the dead skin away will instantly add a glow to your skin. There are so many different scrubs out there now specifically designed for men’s skin. We would recommend a a caffeine based scrub which helps revitalise your tiered skin straight away. Better yet pop down to see Jack at our Barista Bar and ask for some ground up coffee…and its free!

Secondly we would recommend moving on to hydrating the skin, this means adding moisture back in to that dehydrated skin that took a hit the night before. Anything with Anti oxidents is a great place to start as well as an SPF to continue protecting your skin even from the winter sun. We love the American Crew Face Balm for this.

They say it’s all in the eyes, so our next step would be to target the eyes. Eye drops just simple over the counter ones to brighten up tired eyes is enough to add that spark back. Follow this with an under eye cream – roll ons are great too, again there are a lot on the market depending on your budget. Our fave is the Kiehl’s Eye Fuel.

Last but not least do not forget aftershave! 

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