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How to maintain unwanted facial hair

January 17, 2019

With the great boom in the beards, facial hair has never been more popular, however there is one type of facial that no man wants to hold on to and that’s…nose hair!

Theres nothing glamorous about nose hair and that goes for removing it too. It’s a sad fact of life of that as you get older, hair tends to thin and disappear from areas you want, only to sprout in areas that you don’t. 

Let’s get to the nitty gritty on how to remove nose hair as there are a few options:

Waxing – this is a service we would recommend you to have in a salon or barbershop. It’s great for gents who a) have a lot of nose hair b) don’t have the time to maintain that part of your life. Best part of waxing is that you get to breath so much better!!

nose hair

Nose trimmers – This is the safest and easy way to maintain your nose hair at home –  we have tried many and our favourite is one by Phillips which is also water resistant and super easy to use. 



Scissors – there are small scissors available which are rounded on the ends to make them a lot more safer to use.  This method is a little more tricky and time consuming but still give you the trimmed back neat look.


nose hair scissors 1


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