Mens Hair and Beard Colouring

Hair and beard colouring services in London from Porters Barbers.

At Porters London, we offer hair colouring services for all our clients. At our establishments, experienced stylists and barbers use only the most reliable formulas for outstanding results.

Why Men Colour Their Hair?

There are two main reasons why men choose to colour their hair.

Hair colouring is effective at covering grey hair and restoring vibrant shades. Hair colouring is also about being able to explore alternative hair colours. Our knowledgeable stylists can suggest options that are suitable for you and your vision of how you should look.

By working with expert stylist and barbers from Porters Barbers, clients are assured of polished work that will not disappoint. With the right formulation and application, your coloured hair will not only look natural but also last a long time.

Hair colouring can also be performed on beards. This can be useful for men who want to even out the colours between their head hair and their beard. As pigmentation in the follicles can vary by region, beard colouring will help blend different colours for a more uniform look, as well as covering grey hair.

A Premium Barbershop

Porters Barbers is not just a men’s grooming service – it is an experience. Our establishments are tastefully furnished and finished. Each venue’s interior takes cues from the golden age of barbershops. Despite our focus on recreating the classic barbershop ambience, our work goes beyond just that. Retire on our premium, vintage barber seats and enjoy the ambience of our salon that comes with excellent service unique to Porters Barbers.

Our barbershop is a meeting place where men can form friendships, expand their networks and discuss common interests. Every treatment begins with a complimentary drink. The choice ranges from infused teas, a great cup of coffee, beer or scotch.

Porters Barbers location nearest you welcomes walk-in clients as well as those with pre-booked appointments.